Welcome to Wood House Home Care        which specializes in providing maintenance, preservation and restoration products and services to the log home builder, buyer, seller or owner.

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Maintain the fresh beauty of a log homeWood House Home Care specializes in staining, waterproofing, and chinking log homes.  We help our customers maintain the fresh beauty of their new log home.

Whether your project is preventative or periodic maintenance, restoration or repair, cleaning and staining/waterproofing or chinking restoration, our trained professionals can work with you to restore or maintain your log home's original beauty.

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Our staff have over 45 years combined experience in the log home industry.  Over the years we have helped our clients maintain the "like new" condition of their log homes with initial preservative /web/20070626225647/http://www.permachink.com/"> PermaChink Systems, Inc.  In this way, we can assure the protection of your plants, lawn and pets.

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