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Brentwood Log Homes offers a large variety of logs, including our 6" x 8" D log, our 8"x 8" D Super Log, our 6"x 12" Pioneer Chink Log, or our 8" Round Swedish Cope Log--all are cut from standing dead timbers.

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Profiles not pictured include: "Double D" and
"Laminated Log"
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The Super D and The Double D
6" x 8" D or 8" x 8" D or Double D
<Tongue & Groove Joinery
<Butt and Pass Corner
<Drip Edge
This log is the most popular profile with a rounded V-groove exterior and flat interior

The Pioneer
6" x12"
<Chink Joint or V-Groove
<Tongue & Groove Joinery
<Dove-Tail Notch
The authentic rough-sawn "Pioneer" Log system is log-on-log, and gives the option of chinking or not chinking the interior and exterior joints.

The Super Square
8" x 8" Square
<Chink Joint or V-Groove
<Tongue & Groove Joinery
<Butt and Pass Corner
The "Super Square" is flat with V-groove on both the interior and exterior surfaces; and the "Super Chink" log is flat on both surfaces and has a chink groove on the exterior and V-groove on the interior to accept our acrylic latex chinking.

The Swedish Cope
8", 9", 10", and 12" diameter
<Cope Joinery
<Saddle Notch Corner
This system has two gasket strips placed between courses and is held together with steel spikes.  This log makes a very impressive home.

Laminated Logs
comes in a variety of stack heights and thickness
<can have different woods on the interior and exterior
<known for its stability, strength and precision
<can be ordered in any profile
Laminated logs are actually separate pieces of wood that are bonded together through a lamination process.  Whether you want a traditional or contemporary look to your home, this process allows this log to be milled into any profile desired.

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